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Joe Holland

Lead Inspector

License #1969

Tim Larkins


License #384

David Shipek


License #2746

Dalton woods
Dalton woods
Absolutely amazing company! Joe was great and extremely thorough and made sure I was understanding everything he pointed out. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a home inspection.
Christian Luis Reyes
Christian Luis Reyes
Good people workin hard doin a good job and answering every question you got.
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith
Tim was very thorough in his inspection, very professional and kind. He did make some suggestions.Precise Inspections were highly recommended to me and I would use them again!
Mark P
Mark P
The inspection was very thorough, with a detailed report within 24 hours. Tim was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was also willing and able to answer any questions.
Edmond Thomason
Edmond Thomason
This is my 2nd time using Tim and his team for a home inspection. They’re always on time and do a thorough inspection and look for things that are problematic now or that could become problematic for the home buyer down the road. They know their stuff!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!
Jeanette Hook
Jeanette Hook
A home inspection can be so overwhelming. I was sent at ease using PRECISE. Joe was so nice to work with. He is a great asset to have for your company. Thank you
Zorana Mrsic
Zorana Mrsic
The team was very professional, easy to communicate with, and most importantly thorough. Highly recommend
Crystal Correces
Crystal Correces
Did an amazing job, would hire again. Very thorough and pointed out things that were important to address.
Sofia Rudakevych
Sofia Rudakevych
Great follow through, good detail, and very thorough.


Our Founder and President, Tim Larkins was trained by AHIT (The American Home Inspectors Training Institute) and has since become one of just a few local Certified Master Inspectors through the National Certified Master Inspector Board. Tim is Tennessee State Licensed and Certified to perform home and commercial property inspections, perform Radon testing, consult with water damage and Fungus evaluations and general property conditions.

Besides Tim’s vast education in home construction and system components, Tim comes from the service and detail oriented field of Golf. That’s right, Tim’s “prior life” was an active Class-A Golf professional with the PGA of America serving as Head Golf Professional of Barnsley Gardens from 2002-2005 and working as an Assistant Golf Professional at the Chattanooga Golf & Country Club from 1999-2002. Golf has taught Tim to look at things in light of the “big picture”. This meant managing the golf shop, driving range, golf course, upcoming tournaments, staff, course conditions, lessons, and more at the same time. And if something fell through the cracks, there was going to be trouble.

Tim uses that same skillset to look at your property balancing all major and minor systems and how they’re working together to get the “big picture” of the property’s overall condition. Our approach, backed by our team’s high qualifications and dedication make us the best Home Inspection Service Chattanooga has to offer!

Our Home Inspections Are So Good, They’re 200% Guaranteed

We offer a simple, transparent guarantee. We understand this is serious decision for you – so, all you have to do is attend your Chattanooga home inspection and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the “Quality” or “thoroughness” of the home inspection service, tell the inspector during the onsite review presentation and we will either make it right, or we will pay for another inspector to come and inspect the home of your choice.

The More Thorough We Are, The More Defects We Find, The More Money You Save!


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Your Gateway to a Safer Home Investment

Since 2005, we have been providing quality home inspection. We are passionate in our work, and our professionals have been trained by the top experts to provide our valued customers with home inspections that surpass that of any of our competitors. Home inspections are highly beneficial in a number of circumstances, especially when performed by reputable company like PRECISE Inspections.

Buyers Inspections

Ensure your future home is a safe and sound investment with our Buyer’s Inspection service. We meticulously examine the property to identify any potential issues or repairs needed, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the home’s condition before you make your purchase. This knowledge empowers you to negotiate with confidence and make an informed decision.

Sellers Inspections

Gain an edge in the competitive real estate market with our Seller’s Inspection service. By identifying and addressing any issues before listing your home, you can streamline the selling process, avoid unexpected hitches, and potentially increase your home’s value. This proactive approach helps ensure a smooth transaction and can make your property more attractive to buyers.

Radon Assessments

Protect your health by detecting invisible radon gas levels in your home with our thorough radon inspections.

Builder Warranty

Before your builder’s warranty expires, let us conduct a detailed inspection to identify any construction issues for prompt correction.

Condos & Apartments

Ensure your condo or apartment is safe and sound with our specialized inspection services tailored for multi-family units.

Duplexes & Multiplexes

Our expert team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of inspecting duplexes and multiplexes, ensuring each unit is meticulously examined.

Maintenance Inspections

Keep your home in top condition with our maintenance inspections, identifying potential problems early to save you time and money.



Seeing Beyond the Surface

Our certification in Residential Thermography elevates our home inspection services. Utilizing advanced infrared technology, we have the capability to visualize thermal variances in any part of your home, both inside and out. This allows us to accurately pinpoint areas of energy loss, detect hidden wall leaks, and identify other potential issues that could be costing you money. By addressing these issues, we can help you significantly reduce your energy bills, enhance the overall efficiency of your home, and find potentially dangerous issues that would otherwise be invisible.